Termomontažas provides services in outfitting including design, demolition, construction and installation.

Works are carried out for both newly-built and reconstructed ships.

Our portfolio of marine outfitting includes:​

  • Installation of Marine Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Fitting of Modular Cabins and Sanitary Units
  • Installation of Wall and Ceiling Panels, Portholes
  • Flooring and Decking
  • Installation of Galleys, Laundry Rooms, Wheelhouses and their Equipment
  • Wood restoration
  • Installation of Shutters and Sewing of Curtains
Percentage of industrial insulation projects
Operaing over 26 years
Over 30 owned vehicles
Over 5000 sq. meters of fabrication facilities
work-related accidents in the past 5 years
Foreign countries where we finished our projects

Termomontažas Ltd.

169/15 Minijos Street
LT-94287, Klaipėda
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Tel: +370 620 77623

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