'Elstal AB' is a Swedish company that specializes in engineering and technical consultancy. One of their projects in Norway 'HamarTrehorningen – NID FF' required insulation and tinning to be carried out.


Termomontažas performed insulation works using mineral stone wool ‘Rockwool’, exterior insulation utilizing shaped galvanized iron. All the necessary equipment for sheet processing, such as machines, and specially designed tools were brought over to Norway and processed at the construction site.


Newly-built facility in Norway gave Termomontažas a chance to show their superior experience and skilled workers who had to endure not only extreme heights but severe weather conditions in the harsh Scandinavian climate.

Percentage of industrial insulation projects
Operaing over 26 years
Over 30 owned vehicles
Over 5000 sq. meters of fabrication facilities
work-related accidents in the past 5 years
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