OSCAR II is an old Norwegian ocean liner built in 1901 in Glasgow. During World War I in 1915, it was launched by an American commercialist Henry Ford to promote a piece mission in Europe. The ship was in the need of reconstruction and Termomontazas was honored to take on the challenge.


Since the vessel is 25 meters in length and 5,4 meters in width, approximately 20 tons of hard metal structures had to be replaced by imitations of the original riveted hull. The ship required new piping and electrical installations as well as new engines. A brand new luxurious ball room was installed on the lower deck and equipped with a bar, a shower and two cabinets. The whole ship was repainted and an exclusive teak floor of high durability was laid on the outer decks.


The vessel also was fitted with a sound system for entertainment purposes and for the commands of the captain of the ship.

Termomontazas is very happy to have worked on this historical project and after the reconstruction, OSCAR II is now able to carry 40  passengers and crew members.

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